How do I fix problems with my ballot?

Mail ballot curing is the process of fixing any problems with your mail-in ballot (also called an absentee ballot) to ensure that your vote is counted. The general process is:

  1. Use your state's online ballot tracking tool to check whether your ballot has been received and counted. If your state does not have an online tool, call your Local Election Office and ask.
  2. If your ballot was rejected, or if you mailed your ballot over a week ago and it hasn't been received, call your Local Election Office. They can provide instructions for how to correct any issues with your ballot, or get a new ballot, depending on your state's rules.
  3. If your absentee ballot was rejected, you can generally still vote on Election Day at your polling place. Your Local Election Office can provide more information about the rules around voting in-person after your ballot was rejected or not received.

Find specific rules for each state here:

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