Why does your site say I'm not registered to vote?

There are a number of reasons your voter registration may not be found, including:

  • Your registration information is not an exact match to the information that you entered on our form (you can try the form as many times as you like to check different spellings)
  • You entered a nickname or a different spelling of your name. Try using the exact spelling on your Driver's License or ID card, if you have one.
  • You have moved – you'll need to register again to update your address.
  • You may have updated your registration very recently. In most states we get voter records updated daily or weekly, but in a few states it can take several weeks.
  • This is rare, but some states are marking voter registrations as inactive, or "purging" the voter rolls. If you are concerned about your voter registration status, we recommend you call your local election office who can look up your registration, update it, and ensure that you are marked as "active".

Find your local election office and contact info here

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